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Датчики метки


Registration mark sensors, also known as color contrast sensors, act as a color detector by identifying subtle color contrasts to inspect registration marks, using one, two or three color LEDs.


  • Delivers outstanding color contrast sensitivity
  • Reliably detects 16 levels of grayscale at up to 10,000 actuations per second
  • Available in two fiber types: economical plastic for repeated flexing and glass for harsh conditions
  • Offers choice of models with an infrared (glass only) or visible green, blue, red or white LED
  • Provides 10 to 30V dc supply voltage with bipolar NPN or PNP outputs
  • Features push-button programming for easy-to-set static, dynamic and remote TEACH
  • Uses push-button for manual sensitivity adjustment
  • Easily mounts in confined areas, either flat or to 35 mm DIN rail

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