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Лазерные датчики

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Laser diode sensors combine the alignment advantages of a visible sensing beam with the increased sensing range of a laser . They operate on dc or ac/dc (universal voltage). Class 1 and Class 2 devices are available.


  • Conserves production space by using a one-piece design
  • Does not touch parts it measures, so can be used with moving processes, hot parts and sticky parts
  • Provides 12 to 30V dc supply voltage with either an NPN or PNP discrete output, and a 4-20 mA or 0-10V dc analog output
  • Automatically scales the analog output over the width of the programmed sensing window
  • Features outstanding maximum resolution of 3 µm for flat white targets
  • Uses an ultra-narrow beam to precisely measure distance, height or thickness
  • Available in ranges of 45 to 60 mm (LG5) and 75 to 125 mm (LG10)
  • Lets you pick the exact range you need with the push of a button
  • Features push-button TEACH-mode programming for custom sensing windows
  • Offers remote programming for added security and convenience
  • Uses push-button programming for three output response speeds

High speed, high precision, non-contact laser measurement sensor which provides accurate and stable displacement or thickness measurement on wood, metal, rubber, ceramic, and plastic parts.

  • Extremely accurate, robust and self-contained laser displacement sensor using a 1024 pixel CMOS linear imager
  • Precise narrow laser spot for easy alignment to the target
  • Reliable and accurate measurement results on real world targets, such as machined metal, wood, ceramic, paper and painted targets
  • Target displacement or target thickness measurement with high resolution 4-20 mA or RS-485 serial communication outputs
  • Non-contact measurement for use on moving processes, hot parts, machined parts, and soft or sticky parts
  • Two sensors self-synchronize for thickness measurements and thickness calculation within the sensors; no external controller required

  • Offered in retroreflective models with two discrete outputs (PNP) for extremely long ranges up to 250 m
  • Available in diffuse models with two discrete outputs (PNP) and one 4-20 mA output for long-range background suppression up to 10 m
  • Provides two alarm outputs with ongoing LCD display for easy troubleshooting
  • Features TEACH-mode programming, using integrated push buttons or serial interface
  • Continually displays sensing distance in millimeters or hundredths of an inch
  • Delivers excellent ±10 mm linearity
  • Offers choice of RS-422 or SSI-compatible serial connection
  • Uses visible Class 2 alignment laser for accurate alignment
  • Provides quick warmup to minimize drift

The LE series' linear array technology provides great performance and resolution regardless of detection object's color or sheen.

  • Ready to measure right out of the box
  • Easy adjustment with a two-line, eight-character intuitive display
  • Linear array provides repeatability and accuracy for challenging targets

  • Uses self-contained Class 1 or 2 modulated laser emitters with visible red beam
  • Features 12.7 mm diameter smooth aluminum barrel
  • Uses 10 to 30V dc supply voltage
  • Compatible with a variety of photoelectric receivers
  • Features collimated, apertured beam 2 mm in diameter, divergence of less than 1 milliradian
  • Delivers excellent mechanical repeatability in position-sensing applications

  • Convergent- and retroreflective-mode laser sensor delivers precise position detection, inspection and counting.
  • Powerful retroreflective models offer long-range retroreflective sensing.
  • Fixed-field technology in the convergent-mode models ignores objects beyond the maximum sensing distance.
  • Convergent models have precise 0.25 mm beam width at the convergent focus point.
  • Retroreflective models have a precise, narrow beam to sense small objects at close range or larger objects to 10.6 m.
  • Power supply is 10 to 30V dc, with NPN or PNP outputs
  • Models are available with compact lightweight housing (PD45 models) or with environmentally sealed housing (PD49 models).

The versatile, rugged laser contrast sensor provides reliable, high-speed detection for applications with small contrast changes, capturing up to 2,000 events per second.

  • High-speed part detection as fast as 250 μs, capturing up to 2,000 events per second
  • Reliable sensing range up to 300 mm
  • Used for challenging presence/absence or orientation detection for applications with small contrast differences
  • Rugged, nickel-plated zinc housing suitable even for environments with cutting fluids and oils
  • Clear intensity readout from angled three-digit display
  • Easy setup with responsive buttons

  • Detects objects within a defined sensing field, ignoring objects located just beyond the sensing field cutoff
  • Features two-turn, logarithmic adjustment of sensing field cutoff point from 0.2 to 2 m
  • Offers infrared, visible red LED or laser sensing beam
  • Uses rotating pointer to indicate relative cutoff point setting within sensing range
  • Available with standard 10 to 30V dc and bipolar NPN/PNP outputs or 12 to 250V ac and 24 to 250V ac with e/m relay output
  • Features easy push-button or remote programming of light/dark operate and output timing
  • Uses continuous status indicators to verify all settings at a glance

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