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Компактные фотоэлектрические датчики

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Compact photoelectric sensors are space-saving rectangular or barrel shaped sensors with powerful sensing beams for longer ranges and scanning distances. Several sensing modes are available with an opposed mode sensing range up to 30 m, depending on the model.


  • Specially designed EZ-BEAM style optics and electronics for reliable sensing without adjustments
  • 10 to 30V dc with NPN or PNP outputs
  • 18 mm stainless-steel threaded barrel sensor
  • Available in opposed, polarized and non-polarized retroreflective, diffuse and fixed-field sensing modes
  • Marginal gain indicator with alarm output
  • Dual-LED multi-function indicators for monitoring sensor performance

Sensor solution for clear object detection applications. The Q26 cannot be tricked by mirror-like surfaces and has precise leading edge detection.

  • Clear, transparent objects reliably detected
  • Polarized retro coaxial optical design enables detection of mirror-like surfaces; allows sensor and reflector to operate at very short distances; enables very precise leading edge detection
  • LO/DO switch, single turn sensitivity potentiometer, compact housing
  • Quick and easy adjustment of sensitivity with single-turn potentiometer
  • Compact housing fits in tight locations and 20mm mounting hole spacing enables quick mechanical installation

For applications in your plant's toughest washdown environments—ideal for food and beverage industries.

  • High pressure washdown with chemical resistance
  • Easy mounting for quick setup and installation
  • Compatible with food products and reliable sensing in food and beverage applications
  • Works well for applications where food and materials may soil the sensor
  • ECOLAB® certified for inexhaustible sensor life in chemically-cleaned environments

For applications in your plant's toughest washdown environments—ideal for areas where food or materials that come into contact with surfaces may return back into the process.

  • Hygienic mounting shape minimizes contamination risk and is self draining for CIP application
  • High chemical resistance ideal for the most demanding photoelectric sensing environments
  • Hygienic design for easy cleaning
  • Works well for applications where food or materials may come in contact with the sensor and return to the processing area
  • ECOLAB® certified for inexhaustible sensor life in chemically-cleaned environments

  • Advanced ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) technology is resistant to fluorescent light and offers a higher level of crosstalk avoidance
  • Powerful and bright visible red emitter beam for easy alignment and set-up
  • Highly visible output, dual-function power and stability indicators
  • Wide operating temperature range: -40 to +70° C
  • Robust 250° sensitivity potentiometer on diffuse models
  • Cost-effective ABS plastic housing is well sealed against water ingress
  • Available in Emitter/Receiver, Polarized Retroreflective, Retroreflective and Diffuse models.

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