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R58 Registration Mark Sensors


  • Outstanding color contrast sensitivity; detecting contrasts as low as 2% over a wide range of colors
  • Excellent performance in low-contrast or high-gloss applications
  • Ultra-fast 10 kHz switching frequency(10,000 actuations per second);15 µs repeatability
  • Rugged, zinc alloy die-cast housing; rated IP67
  • High-quality acrylic lens suitable for food processing applications
  • Bipolar NPN/PNP with selectablelight/dark operate (LO/DO)
  • Two lens locations on each sensor and vertical or horizontal light spot, depending on model

  • High-performance registration mark sensing with simplified set-up and sensor adjustment
  • Choice of red or green LEDs by model
  • Easy selection of Light/Dark Operate (LO/DO) by selection switch
  • Parallel or perpendicular sensing image, depending on model
  • 20 millisecond OFF-delay by model
  • Potentiometer-adjusted switching threshold with two green LEDs to assist in setting optimal threshold

The R58B registration mark sensor reduces complexity and increases speed of teaching the mark and the background, and reduces operator training and product change over time.

  • Ultra-fast 10 kHZ switching frequency
  • Sensor automatically selects red, green, or blue LED during TEACH to optimize application contrast
  • Selected color is indicated on the user interface, and customer specified color can be set from push buttons or PLC compatible remote input.
  • Outstanding color contrast sensitivity; detects 16 levels of gray scale
  • Provides 11 status LEDs to indicate sensor configuration and currently selected emitter color
  • Streamlined remote TEACH interface enables convenient sensor configuration and teaching via a PLC
  • Smart gain-control algorithm to maximize performance in low-contrast or high-gloss applications
  • Fast TEACH via single-click on the TEACH push-button or remote input
  • TEACH button can be temporarily deactivated by putting the sensor into RUN mode, or all buttons can be locked out via the remote interface wire
  • Rugged zinc alloy die-cast housing with high-quality acrylic lens suitable for food processing applications; rated IP67

  • Optimizes contrast by automatically choosing a red, green or blue sensing LED
  • Senses a variety of color marks without changing sensors
  • Offers configurable light- or dark-operate outputs and optional 30 milliseconds ON/OFF-delay
  • Easy-to-set TEACH options: Dynamic or Static using push buttons, or remote switch
  • Easy-to-read, 8-segment bar graph display for TEACH and signal strength

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