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Ультразвуковые датчики

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Ultrasonic sensors use sound waves rather than light, making them ideal for stable detection of uneven surfaces, liquids, clear objects, and objects in dirty environments. These sensors work well for applications that require precise measurements between stationary and moving objects.


Waterproof, stainless steel, ultrasonic sensors were purpose-built to deliver flawless operation in food processing and other sanitary industries.

  • Dual range/dual speed opposed mode ultrasonic sensors; ideal for sensing clear objects or materials
  • Features smooth 316 series stainless steel construction to withstand the toughest sanitary environments
  • Rated IP69K, IEC IP67 (NEMA 6) with fully encapsulated electronics
  • Wide standard operating temperature range of -20° to +70°C (-4° to +158° F)
  • Withstands high-temperature sprays of up 80°C and 1500 psi occurring every few hours
  • Constructed of FDA approved materials; cleans easily with no threads, gaps or seams to trap debris
  • Highly immune to ambient sonic and electrical noise

  • Uses high-frequency acoustic emitter and tuned receiver for accurate opposed-mode ultrasonic sensing
  • Housed in T-style right-angle housing with 18 mm threaded nose
  • Offers response time of 2 milliseconds and range of 600 mm for longer-range applications
  • Offers ultra-fast response time of 1 millisecond with a range of 300 mm for high-speed applications such as counting
  • Offers 12 to 30V dc supply voltage with NPN or PNP output, depending on model
  • Reliably detects clear material such as glass
  • Highly immune to electrical and acoustic noise
  • Operates at temperatures from -40° to 70° C
  • Includes signal strength indicator to make alignment easy

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