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Аксессуары для датчиков

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A wide selection of cables, brackets, reflectors and other accessories simplify installation and optimize sensor performance.


  • Banner offers a complete line of high-quality acrylic targets, high-temperature targets and adhesive-backed retroreflective tapes (not shown).
  • Numerous sizes, shapes and mounting options meet your application requirements.
  • New high-reflectivity models dramatically increase sensing ranges, with reflectivity factors up to 3x.
  • Maximum temperature ratings range from 50° to 480° C.
  • Various mounting options are available.

  • Using the right bracket ensures optimum performance from your Banner sensors.
  • Stainless steel and reinforced thermoplastic polyester mounts reduce installation time and lower total installed cost.
  • Choice includes angled, through-hole and split-clamp models that mount to a flat surface.
  • Versatile swivel-mount models mount flat and have an adjustable ball to position the sensor at any angle.
  • Custom brackets can be designed for your unique applications.

  • Quick-disconnect (QD) cables allow sensors and safety devices to be replaced or moved quickly, minimizing down-time.
    • Pico-, Euro-, and Mini-styles are available for dc powered devices.
    • Micro- and Mini-styles are available for ac powered devices.
  • Choose straight or right-angle connectors.
  • Splitter cables are available for powering two devices with one cable.

Designed for enclosure or area lighting to illuminate a large area with an even pattern of light and no shadows.

  • Designed for enclosure or area lighting; use with an optional flex arm mount for adjustable, industrial task lighting
  • Standard or push-button models available
  • Flat-mount or 30 mm base-mount models available
  • Rugged, sealed polycarbonate housing rated to IP69K (standard models) or IP67 (push-button models)
  • 12 to 30V dc operation
  • Cabled and quick-disconnect models available
  • Low power consumption; less than 3 watts

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