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Щелевые датчики

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Slot sensors, sometimes called optical fork sensors because of their "forked" shape, detect objects that pass between the two arms—one with the emitter, the other with the receiver. The fixed slot width provides reliable opposed-mode sensing of objects as small as 0.30 mm.


  • Accurately detects labels on web backing
  • Requires no user adjustments—ADL (Adaptive Digital Logic) provides revolutionary self-learning capability
  • Automatically adjust sensing threshold and drift compensation
  • Offers typical registration accuracy of ±0.3 mm at web speeds up to 1.5 m per second
  • Reliably detects the presence of most types of labels on web backing, regardless of whether the labels or web are clear or opaque

Rugged metal sensor detects objects that pass between the opposed-mode emitter and receiver.

  • Senses objects as small as 0.30 mm that pass through the slot
  • Easily adjustable with single-turn potentiometer sensitivity adjustment and visible red beam
  • Available in eight slot widths, from 10 to 220 mm
  • Features molded-in beam guides to simplify installation and alignment
  • Rugged metal IP67-rated housing
  • Selection switch for light/dark operate
  • Ideal for counting, sensing parts on conveyor rails and belts, detecting edges and gear teeth, and other applications
  • Available in nickel-plated finish

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