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Safety Interlock Switches


Safety interlock switches respond when a mechanical guard opens. Interlock switches feature "positive opening" contacts for high reliability regardless of environmental conditions and withstand attempts to override the switch and defeat the system.

Dozens of configurations are available.


  • Sealed components resist water, dirt and are more accommodating to misalignment than mechanical switches.
  • Compact size makes it possible to conceal the switch.
  • Three housing styles are available for flat or 30 mm barrel-style mounting.
  • All models provide one normally open (NO) and one normally closed (NC) actuator contact.
  • Shifts in distance and alignment don't compromise sensing.
  • Coded magnets minimize the risk of intentional defeat.
  • Magnets with different polarizations add security.
  • For safety applications, switch must be used with gate monitoring module GM-FA-10J (or approved equivalent).

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