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Safety Controllers and Modules


Industrial safety controllers and modules provide an interface between safety devices and the machines and processes those devices monitor for an easy-to-use safety control solution.


  • Provides additional safety outputs for a primary safety device
  • Offers four normally open (NO) safety outputs
  • Provides delayed or immediate outputs, depending on model
  • Offers choice of 24V dc or 24V ac/dc supply voltage, depending on model
  • Requires no adjustments
  • If malfunctioning, signals primary safety device to react
  • Responds in milliseconds
  • Designed to meet standards UL 509, UL 991, EN 418 and ISO 13850
  • Rated IEC IP20; NEMA 1

  • Increases the switching current capacity of low voltage primary safety devices to 6 amps
  • Serves as a relay for primary safety devices with OSSD solid-state or hard contact outputs and external device monitoring, such as the EZ-SCREEN
  • Offers 24V dc supply voltage
  • Available with two or three normally open (NO) safety outputs, depending on model
  • Features model with one normally closed (NC) non-safety auxiliary output
  • Includes removable terminal blocks
  • Responds in 20 milliseconds
  • Uses two green LEDs to indicate the output status of internal relays K1 and K2
  • Rated IEC IP20; NEMA 1

Module connects to two sensors with PNP outputs, monitoring rotation (rpm) or linear movement. Provides over-speed, under-speed and zero-speed detection.

  • Feedback input monitors external machine control elements
  • 24V ac/dc operation
  • Two redundant, forced guided output contacts rated at 4A, plus one auxiliary N.C. output contact
  • Stop Category 0, per ISO 13850 (EN 418), IEC 60204-1, and ANSI NFPA 79; Category 3, SIL Claimed Level (SIL CL) 3 to EN 62061, Category 3 / Performance Level (PL) e to DIN EN ISO 13849-1
  • DIN-rail mountable 45 mm wide housing with removable terminal blocks
  • Energizes output relays (closes N.O. contacts), when speed drops below set value, for "standstill" (under-speed) monitoring
  • De-energizes output relays (opens N.O. contacts), when speed rises above set value, for over-speed monitoring

  • Monitors a single mat or a series of connected mats
  • Uses a standard 4-wire safety mat or edge triggered by a short in a contact plate or strip
  • Offers choice of 115V ac/24V dc or 230V ac/24V dc supply voltage, depending on model
  • Provides four normally open (NO) immediate safety outputs rated at 6 amps
  • Includes one normally closed (NC) and two solid-state non-safety auxiliary outputs
  • Features removable terminal blocks
  • Resets automatically or manually
  • Responds in 50 millisecond
  • Meets US and international standards
  • Rated IEC IP20; NEMA 1

With a smaller footprint and addition of Boolean logic functions, the SC26-2 was designed to be easy to use, flexible and efficient.

  • Monitors a variety of input devices such as e-stop buttons, rope pulls, enabling devices, protective safety stops, interlocked guards or gates, optical sensors, two-hand controls, and safety mats
  • Boolean logic functions for programming flexibility
  • Intuitive programming environment for easy implementation
  • Pre-configured safety function blocks including two-hand control, muting and enabling device to simplify application programming
  • Base Controller allows 8 of the 26 inputs to be configured as outputs for efficient terminal use

  • Monitors a wide variety of safety and non-safety input devices:
    • Optical-based safeguarding devices, such as Safety Laser Scanners
    • Positive-opening safety switches used for guard interlocking
    • Emergency-stop devices, such as palm buttons and rope/cable pulls
    • Standard sensors for non-safety applications, such as photoelectric monitoring position or end-of-travel
  • The safety inputs can monitor:
    • +24V dc solid-state (PNP) outputs in single-channel or dual-channel hookup
    • +24V dc source that is switched by hard/relay contacts in single-channel or dual-channel hookup
    • Hard/relay contacts in a dual-channel hookup using terminals S11-S12 and S21-S22
  • UM-FA-9A: Three normally open (N.O.) output switching channels for connection to control-reliable power interrupt circuits
  • UM-FA-11A: Two normally open (N.O.) and one normally closed (N.C.) output switching channels for connection to control-reliable power interrupt circuits
  • Automatic reset or monitored manual reset, depending on hookup
  • Design complies with Category 4 PLe (ISO 13849-1), SIL 3 (IEC 61508/IEC 62061), and Control Reliable (ANSI B11.19)
  • Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 (IEC 61508/62061)
  • Performance level (PL) e (ISO 13849-1)
  • For use in functional stop category 0 applications per ANSI NFPA 79 and IEC/EN 60204-1

With the option to add up to eight I/O expansion modules, the XS26-2 expandable safety controller has the capacity to adapt to a variety of machines, including large scale machines with multiple processes.

  • Program in minutes with intuitive, easy-to-use configuration software
  • Up to eight expansion I/O modules can be added as automation requirements grow or change
  • Choose from six expansion module models
  • Expansion module models have a variety of safety inputs, solid-state safety outputs and safety relay outputs
  • Innovative live display feature and diagnostics allow for active monitoring of I/O on a PC and assist in troubleshooting and commissioning
  • Controller and input modules allow safety inputs to be converted to status outputs for efficient terminal use
  • 64 virtual outputs (Ethernet version only)

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