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Volume flow measuring device for process applications, FLOWSIC100 Process


With the FLOWSIC100 Process gas flow measurement devices measurements can be carried out at pressures up to 16 bar - also in hazardous areas Zone 2. The sender/receiver units are available as hermetically sealed versions made of stainless steel or titanium. The standard system contains a MCU control unit and 2 sender/receiver units or a measuring probe. The MCU is used for input and output of signals, for calculation of reference values (standardization) or mass flows, as well as user-friendly LCD interface.

At a glance

  • Corrosion-resistant transducers made of stainless steel or titanium
  • Process pressure up to 16 bar
  • Explosion-proof version for applications in Zone 2 (ATEX) available
  • Hermetically sealed ultrasonic transducers
  • Measurement without pressure loss, therefore no influences on the process
  • Automatic function control with zero and span point check

    Your benefits

  • Reliable and accurate measurement also at low gas velocities
  • No movable parts, therefore low maintenance
  • Measurement independent of pressure, temperature and gas composition
  • No influence on the gas flow due to contact-free measurement
  • Approved for usage in hazardous areas Zone 2 (ATEX)
  • User-friendly operation and device diagnosis via MCU control unit and SOPAS ET operating software

    Fields of application

  • Natural gas industry
  • Chemical and plastics manufacturing industry
  • Petrochemical industry and refineries
  • Cement manufacturing
  • Steel and iron production
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Glass industry
  • Food industry
    Technical data
    Max. number of measurands: 1
    Measured values: Gas velocity, Gas temperature, Mass flow, Sound velocity, Volumetric flow, a. c., Volumetric flow s. c.
    Measurement principle: Ultrasonic transit time difference measurement
    Measuring ranges: Gas velocity: 0 ... ± 40 m/s
    Diagnostics functions: Automatic check cycle for zero and span point
    Extended device diagnosis via SOPAS ET software
    Температура процесса: -40 ... +260 °C
    Давление процесса: -0.5 ... 16 bar
    depending on device version
    Nominal pipe size: 0.15 ... 1.7 m
    depending on device version
    Dust load: ≤1 g/m3
    Ambient temperature: FLSE100 sender/receiver units, MCUP control unit: -40 ... +60 °C
    Ex-approvals ATEX: FLSE100 sender/receiver units: II 3 G Ex nA II T4 Gc
    MCUP control unit: II 3 G EEx nA II T4
    Ex-version optional
    Electrical safety: CE
    Enclosure rating: IP 65
    Analog outputs: 1 output:
    0/2/4 ... 20 mA, 750 Ω
    electrically isolated; up to five outputs when using additional modules (option)
    Analog inputs: 2 inputs:
    0 ... 20 mA
    up to four outputs when using additional modules (option)
    Digital outputs: 5 relay outputs (change-over contacts), potential-free:
    48 V, 1 A
    safety extra-low voltage; for status signals "operation/malfunction", "limit value", "warning", "maintenance" and "check cycle"
    Digital inputs: 4 potential-free contacts
    Interfaces: RS-232 (via clamp terminal; service interface)
    RS-485 (for connection of sender/receiver unit(s))
    USB 1.1 (virtual COM port; service interface)
    Bus protocol: Ethernet TCP/IP (via optional interface module)
    Modbus (via optional interface module)
    Modbus TCP (via optional interface module)
    PROFIBUS DP (via optional interface module)
    Operation: Via LC-display or software SOPAS ET
    Device version: Cross-duct version
    Measuring probe version
    System components: Connection unit
    Flange(s) with tube
    FLSE100 sender/receiver units
    MCUP control unit
    Mounting: Installation angle 45° (probe version)
    Installation angle 60°
    Flange DIN PN16 or ANSI CL150

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