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Total hydrocarbon analyzer, GMS800 FIDOR


A member of the innovative GMS800 analyzer family, the GMS800 FIDOR extractive gas analyzer is ideally suited for emission monitoring according to regulatory requirements (in waste incinerators, cement and/or power plants, for example). Based on the proven flame ionization detection principle, the GMS800 FIDOR measures total hydrocarbon concentrations in gases at both trace levels and high concentration levels. The GMS800 FIDOR is available in two versions: the GMS810 FIDOR with integrated control unit (BCU) and the GMS811 FIDOR with separate control unit (BCU). The housing makes integration into existing systems such as SICK's MCS100E HW multi-component analyzer very easy.

At a glance

  • Standard 19” enclosure for easy integration into all industry-typical systems
  • Maintenance free ejector pump delivers sample gas to the analyzer
  • Integrated catalytic converter (option) provides very clean zero gas
  • Automatic regulation and compensation of process pressure fluctuations
  • Protective filter at sample gas inlet
  • High degree of linearity (≤ 2 %) for very low and high measuring ranges

    Your benefits

  • High availability (99.5 %)
  • Convenient remote diagnosis and operation via ethernet using SOPAS-ET software
  • Minimum maintenance costs due to the absence of moving parts
  • Replacement of complete assemblies and modules makes repairs easy
  • Compatible with predecessor systems
  • Hydrogen as fuel gas, expensive helium is not required
  • Low operating costs, e.g., due to low hydrogen consumption (typical 30 ml/min)
  • The GMS811 FIDOR, on which the control unit (BCU) can be separated from the analyzer unit, supports convenient control and monitoring from a central control room.

    Fields of application

  • Continuous monitoring of hydrocarbon emissions in raw gas and clean gas
  • Emissions measurement in thermal, catalytic, and biological exhaust gas cleaning systems
  • Measurement of maximum workplace concentrations
  • Process monitoring in process systems
  • Laboratory applications, e.g., in research and development
    Technical data
    Measurement principles: Flame ionisation detection
    Measured values: Corg
    Performance-tested measurands: Corg
    Max. number of measurands: 1
    Measuring ranges: Corg: 0 ... 0.6 ppm / 0 ... 62,000 ppm
    Gas flow rate: ≤120 l/h
    Температура процесса: ≤+230 °C
    Давление процесса: -120 ... 120 hPa
    Process gas humidity:
    Ambient temperature: In operation: +5 ... +40 °C
    Storage: -20 ... +70 °C
    Ambient pressure: 900 ... 1,100 hPa
    Ambient humidity: ≤95 %
    relative humidity; non-condensing
    Conformities: 27. BImSchV
    EN 14181
    EN 15267
    Approved for plants requiring approval
    Electrical safety: CE
    Enclosure rating: IP 40
    Analog outputs: 4 outputs:
    0/2/4 ... 20 mA, 500 Ω
    electrically isolated
    Analog inputs: 2 inputs:
    0/2/4 ... 20 mA, 500 Ω
    not electrically isolated
    Digital inputs: 8 inputs:
    42 V
    all inlets with common reference potential
    Interfaces: Ethernet
    Bus protocol: Modbus
    Operation: Menu-driven operation via LC-display and membrane keyboard
    Device version: 19''-rack enclosure
    System components: Integrated converter for combustion air and zero gas (option)
    External converter for combustion air and zero gas (option)
    Corrective functions: Adjustment with test gases
    Test functions: Extended device diagnosis via SOPAS ET software

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