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Total hydrocarbon analyzer, EuroFID3010

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The EuroFID3010 total hydrocarbon analyzer is a heated flame ionisation detector for determination of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in exhaust air and exhaust gas. Typical applications are LEL monitoring in drying facilities and leakage detection for solvent-filled containers. The analyzer as inline type can be combined with the control unit and terminal box to form a system.

At a glance

  • Integrated dilution of sample gas
  • No moving parts
  • All gas paths are heated
  • Optimum detector geometry

    Your benefits

  • Low maintenance effort due to wear-resistant design
  • No condensation inside the analyzer due to heating and dilution of sample gas
  • EC type approval as gas warning device according to 94/9/EC
  • Direct mounting at the gas duct possible

    Fields of application

  • LEL monitoring in production and processing of solvent-based products
  • Work place monitoring and VOC measurement in ambient air
  • Leak detection of solvent-filled containers
    Technical data
    Measurement principles: Flame ionisation detection
    Measured values: % LEL
    Performance-tested measurands: % LEL
    Max. number of measurands: 1
    Measuring ranges: % LEL: / 0 ... 100 Vol.-%
    Comment: Measuring ranges related to propane
    Six measuring ranges switchable
    Gas flow rate: 40 ... 70 l/h
    depending on sample gas pressure
    Температура процесса: Inline version: 0 ... +350 °C
    Other versions: 0 ... +200 °C
    Давление процесса: -50 ... 50 hPa
    Process gas humidity:
    Ambient temperature: Analyzer, terminal box: -10 ... +55 °C
    Control unit: 0 ... +40 °C
    Ambient pressure: 800 ... 1,100 hPa
    Ambient humidity: BCU control unit: 0 ... 90 %
    relative humidity; non-condensing
    Terminal box: 5 ... 90 %
    relative humidity
    Conformities: EN 50271 (SIL 1)
    ISO 60079-29-1
    Ex-approvals ATEX: Ex-version Zone 1: II 2 G EEx p IIB+H2 T=170...220 °C
    suites also for hazardous area Zone 2
    Electrical safety: CCSAus, CE
    Enclosure rating: 19''-rack, wall mounting enclosure, control unit: IP 20
    Inline version: IP 65
    Analog outputs: 2 outputs:
    0/4 ... 20 mA, 500 Ω ... 36 V
    Analog inputs: 4 inputs , 0.25 ... 20 V
    assignment depending on system
    Digital outputs: 8 FET switch:
    24 V AC/DC, 100 mA
    potential-free; for status signals "ok", "failure", "adjustment", "maintenance request" and "alarms"
    Digital inputs: 3 potential-free contacts 24 V, 10 mA
    preset for lack of gas, adjustment lock and maintenance lock
    Interfaces: RS-232c (option)
    Operation: Menu-driven operation via separate control unit
    Device version: 19''-rack
    Version for Ex-zone 1
    Inline version
    Wall mounting enclosure
    System components: Analyzer
    Control unit
    EuroFID3010 terminal box

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