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Tube bundle system, MINESIC700 TBS


The MINESIC700 TBS tube bundle analyzer system is ideally suited for monitoring the mine atmosphere in shafts and goafs in underground coal mines. The system extracts gas from different parts of the mine via specially designed polyethylene tubes that are connected to a powerful gas sample pump. The system also comprises purge pumps, certified flame arrestors, and gas conditioning components. The gas sample is analyzed with approved NDIR gas analyzers and paramagnetic oxygen analyzers.

At a glance

  • Extractive measurement of gases in coal mines
  • Certified according to IECEx and ANZEx
  • Reliable, continuous measurement (24/7)
  • Automated switching between measuring points for up to 40 sites
  • Automated alarm and alarm report
  • Self-contained, transportable system
  • Separate room for test gases
  • Control room separated from the analysis and test gas room

    Your benefits

  • The system includes reliable and durable analyzers from SICK
  • Modular system that can be expanded from 10 to 40 measuring points
  • User configurable sample point switching device
  • Improved mine safety as the long-term trends of the mine atmosphere at every measuring point are recorded
  • Remote control from the central control room
  • System is simple to operate and easy to maintain
  • Full service package including various support options provided by SICK LifeTime Services
  • In depth product knowledge with comprehensive user training

    Fields of application

  • Underground coal mines
  • Underground hardrock mines
  • Methane drainage plants
    Technical data
    Analyzer: S700
    Measured values: CH4, CO, CO2, O2, Other components on request
    Max. number of measurands: 4
    Gas flow rate: Analyzer: ≤60 l/h
    via automatic flow control
    Температура процесса: +5 ... +50 °C
    Ambient temperature: +5 ... +50 °C
    Conformities: Analyzer NATA certified
    ANZEx Ex V (AS1482) - CERT No. ANZEx 12.2006
    Interfaces: Ethernet
    Fiber optic
    Bus protocol: Ethernet TCP/IP
    Modbus (analyzer)
    Operation: Via Allen-Bradley PLC
    Via Safegas software
    Via SICK Flexi Soft PLC (operation of the container MINESIC700 TBS)
    Device version: Modular extension with 10 measuring points; max. 40 measuring points per system
    Systems for 10, 20, 30 or 40 measuring points
    System components: Sample gas cooler
    Sample gas lines (1/2'' max 6,500 m or 5/8'' max. 9,500 m)
    Sample gas pump
    Purge pumpe (one per 10 measuring points)
    Test functions: Monitoring of analyzer room and fresh air supply (TBS measuring points 41 and 42)
    Forced ventilation of analyzer room and gas room via "Ex d" fans
    Corrective functions: Manual adjustment with test gases (via Safegas software)
    Options: End of line filters, water traps, underground seal panels, Fire supression systems, Gas chromatograph, Integration of greenhouse gas measuring system MINESIC700 GHG, Line integrity test kit, Methane drainage system, Emergency generator, Blow back panel, Underground marshalling cabinets / panels, Closed circuit television, Tool kit

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