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Gas sampling system for kiln inlets, SCP3000

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Process gas monitoring at the kiln inlet is not a task for the average gas analyzer system. Gas sampling is already very challenging because of high temperatures and high dust loads. The SCP3000 high temperature gas sampling probe with its water-cooled probe and a highly efficient self-cleaning function is a reliable solution for gas sampling at the kiln inlet. The SCP3000 is also equipped with a rotating unit which shakes-off dust deposits on the probe surface in regular intervals and thus prevents backing. The SCP3000 is designed as a modular system. This enables plant specific modifications and allows the system to meet different requirements.

At a glance

  • For gas temperatures up to 1400 °C
  • For very high dust loads up to 2000 g/m3
  • Effective shock blower prevents blockage on probe inlet
  • Rotating unit prevents backing of deposits on probe surface
  • Self-test functions to protect components against power, coolant or compressed air malfunction
  • Pneumatic or electric retraction of the probe in case of power, coolant or compressed air malfunction

    Your benefits

  • Minimum installation requirements due to modular design
  • Reduced maintenance costs: up to 100 hours per year due to automatic purging and cleaning of probe and filter
  • Automatic monitoring and remote control functions of the complete system via PLC
  • Comfortable touch screen with intuitive menus for easy use
  • High operational availability and functional reliability due to anti-stick and back-purging system
  • Secure operation due to self-test functions and emergency retraction of the probe
  • Approved system for harsh process conditions

    Fields of application

  • Gas sampling at the kiln inlet for process gas analysis in cement industry
    Technical data
    Температура процесса: ≤+1,400 °C
    Dust load: ≤2,000 g/m3
    Ambient temperature: -20 ... +55 °C
    Conformities: EN 60204-1
    Electrical safety: CE
    Enclosure rating: Rotation drive: IP 44
    Analog outputs: 18 outputs:
    0/4 ... 22 mA, 500 Ω
    max. number of outputs depending on control unit
    Analog inputs: 18 inputs:
    4 ... 20 mA, 100 Ω
    max. number of inputs depending on control unit
    Digital outputs: 28 outputs:
    24 V DC, 0.5 A 48 V DC, 1 A
    max. number of outputs depending on control unit
    Digital inputs: 38 potential-free contacts
    max. number of inputs depending on control unit
    Interfaces: Ethernet
    RS-232 (option)
    RS-485 (option)
    Bus protocol: DF1
    Operation: Via Siemens or Allen-Bradley control unit
    Via on-site operating unit
    Device version: Probe length 3.0 m, 3.5 m or 4.0 m
    Control unit SIMATIC or Allen-Bradley
    System components: SCP3000-F heated filter unit
    Rotation drive
    Shock blower
    Pneumatic emergency retraction drive
    Purgable sampling probe
    Control and supply unit
    Retraction unit
    Sealing box
    Water/water or air/water cooling unit

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