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CEMS system for power plants, PowerCEMS50

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The PowerCEMS50 analyzer system is a continuous emission monitoring system specifically designed to meet the emission monitoring requirements of fossil-fuel fired power stations. The basic system uses extractive analyzers coupled with a complete sample conditioning system to measure the typical gas components required for emission measurement including CO, NOx, SO2, and O2. Through standardized design and construction, the PowerCEMS50 analyzer system is provided at an attractive price and with the superior quality of performance required for industrial use.

At a glance

  • Basic system measures NOx, CO and O2
  • Completely configured system with sampling, gas cooler and integrated gas pump
  • The system with its free-standing cabinet is suitable for ambient temperatures +5 ... +35 °C
  • Measuring value outputs: analog (4 ... 20 mA) or digital (Modbus)
  • The system is tested according to EN 61000-6 EMI and electrical safety, and is CE-certified

    Your benefits

  • High system availability through long maintenance intervals
  • Dependable through superior performance
  • Easy start-up and trouble-free installation
  • Compact system design requires minimal installation space
  • Competitively priced

    Fields of application

  • Emission monitoring for coal, biomass*, or gas fired power stations (* not suitable for emission monitoring of contaminated biomass combustion according to Waste Incineration Directive)
  • Single point CEMS measurement for combustion plants > 50 MW according to 2001/80/EG or 2010/75/EU (IED)
  • Continuous emission monitoring for small boilers and biomass* plants
    Technical data
    Analyzer: GMS810 design
    Measured values: CO, NOx, O2, SO2
    Gas flow rate: 30 ... 100 l/h
    Температура процесса: ≤+800 °C
    depending on sampling probe
    Ambient temperature: +5 ... +35 °C
    With cooling device: +5 ... +50 °C
    Ambient humidity: ≤75 %
    relative humidity; non-condensing
    Electrical safety: CE
    Enclosure rating: IP 54
    Analog outputs: 4 outputs:
    0/2/4 ... 20 mA, 500 Ω
    electrically isolated
    Analog inputs: 2 inputs:
    0/2/4 ... 20 mA
    not electrically isolated
    Digital outputs: 8 NO:
    48 V DC, 0.5 A 34 V AC, 0.5 A
    1 digital input is available for customer use
    Digital inputs: 8 inputs:
    14 V 42 V
    Interfaces: RS-485 (option)
    Bus protocol: Modbus
    Device version: Steel sheet cabinet
    Mounting: Under roofing or other protection against exposure to direct heat radiation, high dust loads and corrosive atmospheres

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