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Analyzer system for monitoring greenhouse gases in underground coal mines, MINESIC700 GHG

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The MINESIC700 GHG analyzer system measures and continuously calculates greenhouse gas emissions from underground coal mines. It extracts a gas sample and determines the concentration of the greenhouse gas components by means of NDIR spectroscopy. It also measures the gas flow rate using ultrasonic technology, as well as the temperature, pressure, and humidity. In accordance with binding legislation, the results are then measured and reported with a special software package for recording and classifying data. By using the MINESIC700 GHG analyzer system for monitoring purposes, the exact costs can be calculated thus reducing tax liability.

At a glance

  • Accurate measurement of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reliable measurement with minimal measurement uncertainties
  • Automated switchover for up to five measuring points
  • Software package to calculate and record all of the greenhouse gas emissions
  • Flow rate, pressure, and temperature are measured with devices for IECEx Zone 1
  • Available as a self-contained cabinet or integrated in MINESIC700 TBS

    Your benefits

  • Approved greenhouse gas measurement with reliable ultrasonic flow rate and gas measuring technology
  • Up to five measuring points including a modular expandable system
  • Accurate measurement and reporting in line with legal requirements
  • Reduced tax contributions as exact costs are calculated with low measurement uncertainty
  • System is simple to operate and easy to maintain
  • Full service package including various support options provided by SICK LifeTime Services
  • In depth product knowledge with comprehensive user training

    Fields of application

  • Underground coal mines
    Technical data
    Analyzer: S700
    Measured values: CH4, CO2, Pressure, Humidity (option), Gas velocity, Temperature
    Max. number of measurands: 6
    Gas flow rate: Analyzer: ≤60 l/h
    via automatic flow control
    Температура процесса: +5 ... +50 °C
    Давление процесса: ≤10 kPa
    Process gas humidity: 0 ... 100 %
    relative humidity
    Ambient temperature: +5 ... +50 °C
    Conformities: Analyzer NATA certified
    Interfaces: Ethernet
    Bus protocol: Modbus (analyzer)
    Operation: Via Allen-Bradley PLC
    Device version: Analyzer cabinet
    Mounting plate
    System components: Sampling probe, heated, with automatic blow back system
    Sample gas cooler
    Sample gas line
    Sample gas pump
    Sample point switching (max. 5 sample points)
    Corrective functions: Manual adjustment with test gases

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