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At a glance

  • Color sensor in a new miniature housing
  • Static teach-in method using control panel or IO-Link. Over IO-Link up to 8 colors teachable.
  • Improved gloss behavior
  • Switching frequency of 1.7 kHz
  • 12.5 mm (± 3 mm) sensing distance
  • RGB light source
  • Remote monitoring and rapid diagnostics using IO-Link
  • Compatibility with older color sensors thanks to M12 pigtail

    Your benefits

  • Fast, seamless integration into existing applications thanks to a new miniature housing, saving time and money
  • Increased switching frequency for improved machine productivity
  • Enhanced process reliability thanks to gloss suppression and improved color resolution
  • Flexible application possibilities thanks to a wide range of color tolerances
  • Enhanced, intelligent diagnostics and visualization, as well as quick and easy format changes, thanks to IO-Link function
  • Improved tolerance range for sensing distance
  • Simple, static teach-in method cuts down on installation time
  • Rapid conversion thanks to mounting brackets available
    Арт. 1067291
    Dimensions (W x H x D): 12 mm x 31.5 mm x 21 mm
    Sensing distance 1): 12.5 mm
    Sensing distance tolerance: ± 3 mm
    Light source 2): LED
    Type of light: Visible blue light, Visible green light, Visible red light
    Light spot direction: Vertical
    Housing design (light emission): Rectangular
    Длина волны: 470 nm, 525 nm, 640 nm
    Режим обучения: 1-point-teach-in
    Ripple 1):
    Power consumption 2):
    Switching frequency 3): 1.7 kHz
    Response time 4): 300 µs
    Output type: PNP: HIGH = VS- ≤ 2 V / LOW approx. 0 V
    Режим переключения: PNP
    Output (channel): 1 color
    Output current Imax. 5):
    Input, teach-in (ET): PNP:, Run: U V
    Тип подключения: Cable with connector M12, 4-pin, 0.2 m
    Класс защиты: III
    Защита цепи: VS connections reverse-polarity protected
    Output Q short-circuit protected
    Interference suppression
    Enclosure rating: IP 67
    Вес: 25 g
    Материал корпуса: ABS, Plastic
    Supply voltage: 12 V DC ... 24 V DC 6)
    Дрожание: 150 µs
    Fieldbus interface: -
    Данные окуражающей среды
    Shock load: According to IEC 60068
    Ambient operating temperature: -10 °C ... +55 °C
    Температура хранения: -20 °C ... +75 °C
    UL File No.: NRKH.E181493 & NRKH7.E181493

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