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The download contains:

  • the library with all currently available function blocks for SICK IO-Link devices
  • corresponding help files
  • a demo project showing how to use a function block in a PLC program

    The installed function blocks help you to read and write SICK IO-Link devices’ acyclic data. Knowledge about IO-Link communication and IO-Link device parameter structure is not necessary.

    Please unzip and copy the library on the hard disk of your PC. To use the library it has to be inserted into your PLC project using the library administrator.

    System recommendations: Preinstalled SIMATIC STEP7 package and IO-Link communication function block IOL-CALL of Siemens

    Product features
    Software category: Function block
    Software type: IO-Link FBs
    Версия: V1.17
    Language: German, English
    Product segment: Automation light grids, Distance sensors, Fluid sensors, Photoelectric sensors, Magnetic cylinder sensors, Proximity sensors, Registration sensors
    Product group: Analog positioning sensors, Pressure sensors, Level sensors, Glare sensors, Small photoelectric sensors, Contrast sensors, Measuring automation light grids, Mid range distance sensors, Miniature photoelectric sensors, MultiTask photoelectric sensors, MultiTask proximity sensors, Sensors for T-slot cylinders
    Product family: DeltaPac, Dx35, Dx50-2, Glare, KTM Prime, LFP Cubic, LFP Inox, MLG-2 Prime, MLG-2 Pro, MPA, MPS, MZ2Q-T, PBS, SAM, W12-3, W12G, W18-3, W2S-2, W2SG-2, W4-3, W4S-3, W4S-3 Glass
    Description: IO-Link function block library for the S7 300/400 PLC and STEP7

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