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Modules and gateways / EFI gateways


At a glance

  • Support of CANopen, according to the CIA standards DS301 and DS401
  • Two inputs (EFI interface) to connect intelligent SICK safety sensors
  • Configurable process image enables information to be exchanged between the connected EFI sensors and the PLC via CANopen
  • Easy configuration and advanced diagnostics with the help of the CDS (Configuration & Diagnostic Software)

    Your benefits

  • Easy integration of intelligent SICK safety sensors into a CANopen fieldbus
  • Simple use of the enhanced functionalities of SICK’s intelligent safety sensors allows information to be easily exchanged via CANopen
  • Comprehensive diagnostics provides fast troubleshooting, which reduces downtime
    Арт. 1040397
    Technical data
    Accessory family: EFI gateways
    Description: CANopen
    Enclosure rating: IP 20 (IEC 60529)
    Вес: 120 g

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