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  • Features robust nickel-plated housing with sealed membrane switch
  • Offers 10 to 30V dc supply voltage with NPN, PNP or selectable NPN/PNP output
  • Features T-style housing with 18 mm threaded lens
  • Available in diffuse or polarized retroreflective sensing modes
  • Provides single-button setup procedure
  • Offers selectable light-operate or dark-operate operation using push button
  • Provides excellent immunity to noise, including high-speed-switching fluorescent lamps
  • Offers enhanced optical crosstalk avoidance
  • Rated IP67; NEMA 6

Compact, rugged photoelectric sensor with visible red sensing beam in all-metal, mechanically robust construction is ideal for conveyors in heavy duty machine environments and IP69K applications.

  • Heavy duty metal (nickel-plated die cast zinc) housing with 18mm threaded barrel mount and integral metal QD
  • Models with 4-wire complementary NPN or PNP, or 3-wire I/O block compatible outputs available
  • Visible red LED models available in opposed, polarized retroreflective, diffuse, and fixed-field (background suppression) modes
  • Infrared models available in fixed-field (background suppression) mode
  • Completely epoxy encapsulated electronics
  • Sensors rated IP69K for resistance to intermittent high pressure washdown
  • Innovative dual indicator systems
  • Fixed-field and diffuse models are immune to fluorescent lights and false outputs from lights beyond the sensing point

Robust nickel-plated sensors with 18 mm threaded lens for the demanding environmental challenges

  • Features T-style housing with 18 mm threaded lens
  • Product line includes models with enhanced immunity to noise, including high-speed-switching fluorescent lamps and EMI
  • 10-to 30V dc supply voltage
  • IP67 and IP69K models available
  • Two LED indicators (Green and Yellow)

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